What can we celebrate today?

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In addition to being National Zipper Day, it’s also:

Shrimp Scampi Day:Did you know that “scampi” actually means “shrimp”?  Yeah, neither did I- until NOW!   And I could have kept that a secret and held my increased knowledge over your head, but I’m not that kind of person.  Well, I’m not today, anyway.

World Wide Pinhole Photography Day: Did you ever make a pinhole camera in school? You know, in art class or maybe science class? NO? (this is my horrified gasp) Then get ye to Google and learn how to make one! Do it now! It’s easy, and it’s fun, and then you can scan and upload your pinhole photograph on the website linked above and share it with the world.


Okay, I know, you were probably expecting a post about Earth Day. And yes, that is an important day deserving of much recognition. And that’s why all the major news sources and blogs will be doing so much of it.

And THAT is why I will be talking aobut Jelly Bean Day! Because Jelly Beans do not get enough recognition.

Jelly Beans are a decidedly under appreciated candy. Sure, I bet you get Jelly Beans in your Easter basket (a practice that started in the 1930’s, some say), and maybe you munch on a few, but I bet you really head for the chocolate, and the poor Jelly Beans just get left for last.

Well, I LOVE Jelly Beans. I love the classic Birds Egg style Jelly Beans that have been around since the 1860’s, and I love the newer gourmet Jelly Beans from companies such as Jelly Belly (founded in 1960, and they now have over 50 flavors!). They usually come in bags with a few assorted flavors, but you can buy your favorite tastes individually from most Jelly Bean manufacturers. My favorite flavors, hands down, are Jelly Belly’s Buttered Popcorn, Toasted Marshmallow, and Strawberry Cheesecake.

And Jelly Beans are not only for eating, but for decorating- you can put Jelly Beans on any dessert type food to make it more colorful and fun. Cakes, cookies, Gingerbread houses- why, I bet you could even make a Jelly Bean Pie (seriously, if any of you can come up with a way to make a Jelly Bean Pie I want that recipe)! Some people even make amazing art from the tiny candies:


Munch on some Jelly Beans today- it’s like concentrated springime, or maybe concentrated childhood.

Oh, to relive the sweet innocence of kindergarten!  A morning of playing fun games with numbers and letters, snack time, and then a nap! I didn’t realize what a sweet deal that really was at the time.

Of course, Kindergarten is a little different now.   With two kids having gone through Kindergarten, and one more getting ready to start in the fall, I have been surprised over and over again with what they have the kids doing these days! It’s amazing.

Where once the big excitement of the month was getting to watch a movie on the big tv that was rolled into the room on a giant wheeled cart, now its the weekly trip to the technology center, where they get to play incredible games.  And there’s no more nap time.

But there’s still coloring with crayons, and silly songs, and outside play time after snack.  What a life!

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It’s a classic board game that’s been around since 1938, although it was called Criss-Crosswords at that point.  It took 10 years before it was simplified and turned into the game we know it as now, and another 4 years after that before it gained any measure of popularity.

It’s gone through several incarnations, as the classic gather-round-the-table game for 2-4 players, as a TV show, and as an on-line game. Like many popular TV shows, it’s even had spin-offs, including the hugely popular Words With Friends that is apparently taking the celebrity world by storm.

Warning! May be addictive!

Personally, I’m extremely fond of the on-line spin off Words With Friends, and plan on celebrating the day by catching up on the games that have been sitting and waiting for my attention. Since I won’t be flying, that shouldn’t be a problem.

 While I’m sure that the games inventor, Alfred Butts, would be gratified by the booming popularity of the game he invented, I wonder if he’d be a little mystified by the arts and crafts projects it’s inspired. A quick Google Images search brings up photos of pillows, jewelery, back yard over-sized games, cakes, and drink coasters just to name a few.

So, pull up a chair, grab a slice of Scrabble cake, and celebrate the game that’s been around in one form or another for the past 74 years

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