What can we celebrate today?

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In addition to being Mother Goose Day, today is also:

May Day: Traditionally, May Day is a day to celebrate Spring and fertility. For centuries people have danced around May Poles, jumped over or between fires, performed handfasts, and generally made merrry in joyful celebration of warmer weather, flowers, and the promise of abundance.  This year, May Day also marks a huge Occupy protest, demonstrating the power of the 99%.

Law Day: Join the American Bar Association in honoring  the good that our judicial system does.  While no system is perfect, the American Judicial system does it’s level best to provide justice for all.  Their theme this year is “No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom”

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In addition to being Tell a Story Day, it is also:

National Arbor Day: While some states will celebrate Arbor Day on a different day, more suited to the best time to plant trees in their climate, today is the nationally recognized day to re-forest. So, get out there and plant a tree!

Morse Code Day: Today marks the birthdate of Samuel Morse, the inventor of the famouse Morse Code.

Babe Ruth Day: One of baseball’s greatest heroes ever, the Sultan of Swat, is honored today.

National Hairball Awareness Day: Most people think that cat ownership is a minimal investment, time wise. And for the most part, they’d be right. No long walks, no intensive behavioral training.   And in most cases, minimal grooming, since most cats prefer to groom themselves. However, cats who don’t get groomed by their pet people are far more prone to hair ingestion, with the nasty side effect of hairballs being harked up.  So get a brush appropriate to your feline friend’s coat, and lend a hand. Your kitty’s tummy (not to mention your rugs) will thank you.

National Prime Rib Day: So tender, so delicious! Prime Rib is one of the most prized cuts of meat available. Check with your local fine dining establishment and see if they have any specials in honor of this Prime Holiday

In addition to being Jelly Bean Day, it is also:

Earth Day: You probably already knew this- it’s all over the news. A day to recognize our obligation to the Earth, to take a step to protect and repay it for all that it does for us.  Pick up your trash, plant something, learn to compost.  Do SOMETHING to make the planet a better place for all living things. My family celebrates Earth Day by reading Dr Suess’s The Lorax, planting seeds, and a walk around the neighborhood to collect trash that has been uncovered by the melting snow. Although this year, the snow melted very early, so there will be less to collect today.

Girl Scout Leader Day: The Hallmark site says it best- anyone who volunteers to be trapped in the woods with a bunch of loud, rambunctious tweens deserves a merit badge of their own- in Patience. In all seriousness, the Girl Scouts organization does a lot of amazing things with young girls, encouraging and enabling them to become full, well rounded members of society. Today is a great day to appreciate the good that the Girl Scout Leaders do for our society.

Normally, I focus on the humorous, wacky, zany, even silly “holidays”.   I think that it is important to include laughter in day-to-day life, for so many reasons. However, some days are too serious to make light of. Some issues are too serious to make light of.

Today is the Day of Silence. Today, in schools across America, brave youth will silently protest the hurtful words flung at Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Trans-gendered, and Queer students, and the silence of the voices of authority when called on to stop the bullying. They won’t be marching, they won’t be chanting. They will be standing strong, and silent.

Some may be wearing t-shirts, or passing out cards that carry the message that they won’t be speaking out loud. The message, that quite simply, the bullying has to stop, and that someone -we- have to speak up to end it. Too many children and teens have suffered. Too many have lost their lives, taken their own lives in despair, believing that the harmful words and actions of others are true, a belief re-inforced by the silence of those who should stand up for them, those who should intervene.

I am amazed, so frequently, when I hear of the young people today who stand up for what is right, who hold together to support each other, who take the high road. It’s a beautiful thing, and it deserves to be honored.

So today, even if you can’t spend the day in Silence yourself, spend at least a few moments in silent thought, thinking about these brave young people who are taking a stand. Think about the people that they are taking a stand on behalf of.  And, think of what you can do to support their message- that bullying is wrong. That discrimination is wrong. That HATE IS WRONG.

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