What can we celebrate today?


Is there any better time to celebrate the sense of smell, than Spring?  There’s all kinds of smells floating around- delicouse and not-quite-so-delicious.  From delicate blooming flowers, to cow manure being spread to prepare the fields for planing. It’s all out there.  And the warming weather just heightens it all.


In our area, Spring brings with it a lot of wind, carrying smells from all over town. You can stand in your front lawn and get whiffs of the neighbor’s freshly cut lawn, someone else’s grilling meat, and the flowers growing down the street.

Your sense of smell is strongly linked to memory. Often times a stray scent will invoke a treasured rememberance.

So take some time today to really focus on what you’re smelling- you might surprise yourself with how much you enjoy this over-looked sense.


In addition to being National Sense of Smell Day, it is also:

National Kiss Your Mate Day: If you have a mate, and haven’t kissed ’em yet today, make sure you do. If you’re in a long distance relationship, maybe you can send a kiss in the mail, or use a webcam to share a virtual kiss.

National Cubicle Day: I’m just glad it’s Saturday and I don’t have to be in mine!

Great Poetry Reading Day: Poetry is really meant to be read out loud. So, find a great poem and read it to someone. You’ll both be the better for it.

Astronomy Day: Celebrate the vastness of the universe, learn something new about our galaxy. 

National Blueberry Pie Day: It’s a little early for blueberries in my neck of the woods. We have to wait for summer before we see any here. Fortunately, other parts of the country are not so limited. I believe I might just pick up some of the lovely round fruit when I stop at the market today, and bake a pie.


Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far, away, when the forest was young, and deep, and dark, there lived an old/young/unique woman/man/boy/girl/person/talking animal who….

However you like your stories, fantastical, fictional, factual, today is the day to tell them.  Tell a child, tell a friend, heck-call a stranger and tell them a story over the phone. Maybe you can get a group of friends together to tell a story in rounds, each of you picking up where the last leaves off.


Stories are our oldest method of passing on history and the first form of entertainment our species ever enjoyed. Stories have been around longer  than music, longer than paintings.  Stories are humanity’s first  art form, our first refuge from every day life.

Tell a story today. Share a piece of your mind, a part that is uniquely you.


In addition to being Tell a Story Day, it is also:

National Arbor Day: While some states will celebrate Arbor Day on a different day, more suited to the best time to plant trees in their climate, today is the nationally recognized day to re-forest. So, get out there and plant a tree!

Morse Code Day: Today marks the birthdate of Samuel Morse, the inventor of the famouse Morse Code.

Babe Ruth Day: One of baseball’s greatest heroes ever, the Sultan of Swat, is honored today.

National Hairball Awareness Day: Most people think that cat ownership is a minimal investment, time wise. And for the most part, they’d be right. No long walks, no intensive behavioral training.   And in most cases, minimal grooming, since most cats prefer to groom themselves. However, cats who don’t get groomed by their pet people are far more prone to hair ingestion, with the nasty side effect of hairballs being harked up.  So get a brush appropriate to your feline friend’s coat, and lend a hand. Your kitty’s tummy (not to mention your rugs) will thank you.

National Prime Rib Day: So tender, so delicious! Prime Rib is one of the most prized cuts of meat available. Check with your local fine dining establishment and see if they have any specials in honor of this Prime Holiday


Ah, sweet memories. My very first kiss (other than from my parents, grandparents, and other relatives, of course) was when I was five years old. The cute blond boy from next door and I hid behind the porch door and exchanged a smooch. Neither of us were terribly impressed with the experience, but we both felt very grown up to have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.


There have been a lot of first kisses since then, some very sweet, some a little wild. One, I remember, was the only good kiss in the entire relationship, which was very short lived.

My last first kiss (other than the first kisses I gave each of my children after they were born), was quite simply the best first kiss I’ve ever had.  Which may be part of the reason I married my husband. He really does know how to kiss. It combined all of the best things about first kisses- it was sweet, a little hot, and had a whole lot of promises written into it.

Tell me about your first kiss…


Besides being Remember Your First Kiss Day, today is also:

Hug an Australian Day: The Aussies have a long hisstory of supporting the US, so today is the day to show your love to them. If you happen to run into someone from The Land Down Under, give ’em a squeeze.

National Richter Scale Day: The Richter Scale is a mathematical equation that assigns a number value to an earthquake, to rate it’s severity. Numbers 1-9 are currently used, but officially there’s no upper limit. It’s good to know that if the worst earthquake possible ever occurs, we’ll be able to assing a number to it, isn’t it?

National Pretzel Day: Mmmm.. those warm, salted, twists of bread, baked to a golden brown. I love soft pretzels, dipped in cheese sauce. So delicious.. My mother, and my kids, love the little crispy pretzels sold in the chips aisle at the local grocery story. Whichever is your favorite, today is the day to o out of your way to enjoy them. It’s almost an obligation.

Hug a Friend Day: We all have a tendency to take our friends for granted, from time to time. It’s kind of part of the deal. But, it’s important to take a moment every now and then to show them they are appreciated. So, give a friend (even if it’s a four leggeed, furry friend) a big hug today.

National Take our Daughteers and Sons to Work Day What betteer way to show our children the opportunities available to them once they join the work force, than to bring them to work with you? Show them around the office, let them play with your highlighters and copy paper.  Honestly, my kids are so much smarter than me, I’d rather they went to work with someone else- like a rocket scientist. 


Emperor Penguin family

Penguins, those adorable little guys in tuxedos, are gaining hugely in popularity these days. Which is a good thing, because they’re losing their habitats even faster.  Fortunately, their appearances in movies such as March of the Penguins, Happy Feet (and Happy Feet Two), and Mr. Popper’s Penguins, are bringing them into the public eye, and heart.


Rockhopper Penguin

Most people, when they think of penguins, probably have the famous Emporer penguins come to mind, but there are dozens of species of the cold water loving birds, with names ranging from the purely descriptive Chin Strap penguin, to the romantic sounding Adelie penguin, and the fun to say Gentoo penguin.

April 25th  is the day that the Adelie penguins begin their anual winter migration North, just far enough that there’s a bit more sunlight in the days, making the search for food easier. Like us, penguins don’t favor searching for their dinner in the dark.


Gentoo Penguins, swimming

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