What can we celebrate today?

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In addition to being Mother Goose Day, today is also:

May Day: Traditionally, May Day is a day to celebrate Spring and fertility. For centuries people have danced around May Poles, jumped over or between fires, performed handfasts, and generally made merrry in joyful celebration of warmer weather, flowers, and the promise of abundance.  This year, May Day also marks a huge Occupy protest, demonstrating the power of the 99%.

Law Day: Join the American Bar Association in honoring  the good that our judicial system does.  While no system is perfect, the American Judicial system does it’s level best to provide justice for all.  Their theme this year is “No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom”

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In addition to it being Stress Awareness Day, it is also:

Day of the Mushroom: Personally, I’m not  fan of fungi (outside of certain select video games!), but I know people who are dedicated to the culinary joys of the popular meat substitute. So eat up- mushrooms are good for you!

National Librarian Day: I always thought Librarians had the best job in the world- surrounded by books all day, a nice quiet environment, how bad could it be? And then I got to know some Librarians, and I found out just how tough and thankless a job it can be. So take a minute to show some appreciation for the guardians and conservators of knowledge.

Patriots’ Day: Not to be confused with Patriot Day (9/11), Patriots’ Day is a day of remembrance dedicated to the Revolutionary War, specifically commemorating the first battles of the war, the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

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