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I’m sorry this is so late today, its been a crazy couple of days this week.  My Mother is in the hospital with a Mystery Condition, and it’s put me off my schedule.

But, time marches on regardless of what is happening in our lives, and there are holidays to celebrate today!

Today is:

Brothers and Sisters Day:  If you’ve been lucky enough to have siblings, today is the day to show your love for them.  Doesn’t it just seem like we had National Sibling Day recenty? Well, apparently we all need extra reminders to be grateful for our brothers and sisters.  I have a theory about the Great Cosmic Reason that we are not all born as only children.  I think that sibs are the Universe’s way of making sure we are exposed to people who otherwise we’d never cross paths with. I know that if my brothers hadn’t also been born to my parents, we’d probably never have met. And I’m very glad that is not the case, because they’re pretty awesome in their own ways.  You know, except when they’re beeing stupid doody heads.


mmmmm.... chocolate

National Truffle Day: Now, some maintain that National Truffle Day is a celebration of those rare, pungent fungi that turn up at the base of trees, and  can be sniffed out by specially trained hogs or dogs.  And some think that it’s in honor of the delightful chocolaty confections that come packaged in pretty wrapped boxes.  Really, there’s no real reason you can’t do both!


a truffle, not the chocolate kind

Scurvy Awareness Day; Scurvy might be the only disease that is completely curable through the consumption of alchoholic beverages-  provided that those beverages contain some actual fruit juce. Margharitas, Fuzzy Navels, Lemonade with vodka, whatever you like.  Seriously though, as relatively easy as Scurvy is to prevent and cure, there’s still a surprising number of cases reported each year in the US alone. So, make sure you eat a couple pieces of fruit each week and avoid becoming a scurvy pirate dog, arrrgh.



In addition to being National Garlic Day, it is also:

National Amaretto Day: I’ll drink to this! Any holiday celebrating liqueur is well worth taking advantage of. Just throw a splash of the delicious almond flavored alcoholic beverage into your coffee. If you boss asks, just tell him that it’s a holiday and he should lighten up.

National High Five Day: Slip me some skin- up high!  Some people exchange High Fives in celebration, or in greeting.  High Fiving is particularly common in a sports setting. Find a reason to do it today.

Humorous Day: A day to see the lighter side of things, to chuckle out loud, to find the funny in life. Tell a funny story, share a joke with a friend, read a comic book, or laugh at someone.

That nagging headache, the twitching eyelid, the urge to tear your cubicle-mate’s throat out- you might not be aware of it, but those are symptoms of stress!  Oh, you knew that, you say?

Well, how about these: insomnia, heartburn, mild depression, anxiety, the feeling of being overwhelmed, and the urge to empty your bank account and make a run for the Bahamas are also signs that you might be feeling a little bit stressed.

Okay, so I’m not telling you anything new here.  Stress is a huge part of adult life. And to a certain degree, it’s good for us. Stress can be a powerful motivator for forward movement in life. However, like anything else, too much of a “good” thing is a BAD thing.

Prolonged stress can lead to powerful negative health consequences, such as ulcers,  heart disease, and a higher risk of other serious diseases like diabetes and hypertension.  Even short-term stress, if not properly managed, can result in physical and emotional problems. And sometimes, poor stress management choices such as alcohol and drug use can be life threatening.

So take today to make some changes in your life, to help you learn to manage your stress better. You can’t get rid of all of it, some of the best things in life lead to a pretty hefty amount of stress (I’m thinking of the kids, and the job I dearly love). All you can really do is minimize it as much as you can, and learn to deal with the rest of it.

I’m off to do some deep breathing and focused meditation before heading off to work, where I will sip some soothing tea and eat a healthy meal of seafood and vegetables at lunch time.  And when the work load builds up, and the phones are ringing off the hook, I’m going to pick the most important tasks to be done first, focus on those, and not sweat the small stuff.  I’m also going to laugh as often as I can, because laughter really is one of the best possible medicines for stress.

Okay, I admit, I have no idea where to go with this one.

I mean, most of the time, when a marriage ends, it’s cause for at least a little bit of mourning, sad reflection, or at least a regret or two.

So, it seems odd to have a  “holiday” for Ex-Spouse Day.

Look- balloons! Now all we need is cake and a pinata!

 Most of the time, when a day is set aside to honor a certain specific group of people (think Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Administrative Professional’s Day), it’s in recognition of the contribution that group makes to society as a whole. But, ask any divorced person- especially a recently divorced person- and they’ll tell you that their ex-spouse is “good for nuttin’!” So, what is the holiday for?

My first thought was that it was kind of a “say what you really think of your ex-spouse”, or a “get revenge on your ex-spouse”, or maybe a “play a funny prank on your ex-spouse” day.  Or maybe, since somewhere between 41 and 50%  of first marriages end in divorce, with the percentages of second and third marriages that end in divorce being even higher, maybe it’s more of a call for solidarity? There are a great many Ex-Spouses around, after all, so a chance to swap war stories over a few drinks seems in order. 

Actually, no- it’s none of those things.  According to holidash.com (who in turn credits The Deseret News) Ex-Spouse Day was actually created in 1987 by Reverend Ronald Coleman of Kansas City, MO. He didn’t create it with raunchy divorce jokes and flaming bags of dog poo in mind- his goal was healing. He proposed the day as a chance to let go of the hurt, anger, resentment, and bitterness many people feel toward their ex-spouse. 

One suggestion is to clean out your closet on Ex-Spouse Day, and either return or dispose of things you are holding on to that rightfully belong to your ex. He’s sure you’ll feel better for it. 

So, whether you’ll celebrate by hoisting a few and telling nasty jokes about your Ex-Spouse, or if you’ll follow Reverend Coleman’s advice and take the high moral ground- if you are an ex-spouse and have an ex-spouse, today is your day.

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