What can we celebrate today?

Happy National Sense of Smell Day!

Posted on: April 28, 2012


Is there any better time to celebrate the sense of smell, than Spring?  There’s all kinds of smells floating around- delicouse and not-quite-so-delicious.  From delicate blooming flowers, to cow manure being spread to prepare the fields for planing. It’s all out there.  And the warming weather just heightens it all.


In our area, Spring brings with it a lot of wind, carrying smells from all over town. You can stand in your front lawn and get whiffs of the neighbor’s freshly cut lawn, someone else’s grilling meat, and the flowers growing down the street.

Your sense of smell is strongly linked to memory. Often times a stray scent will invoke a treasured rememberance.

So take some time today to really focus on what you’re smelling- you might surprise yourself with how much you enjoy this over-looked sense.


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