What can we celebrate today?

Other Reasons to Celebrate April 26, 2012

Posted on: April 26, 2012

Besides being Remember Your First Kiss Day, today is also:

Hug an Australian Day: The Aussies have a long hisstory of supporting the US, so today is the day to show your love to them. If you happen to run into someone from The Land Down Under, give ’em a squeeze.

National Richter Scale Day: The Richter Scale is a mathematical equation that assigns a number value to an earthquake, to rate it’s severity. Numbers 1-9 are currently used, but officially there’s no upper limit. It’s good to know that if the worst earthquake possible ever occurs, we’ll be able to assing a number to it, isn’t it?

National Pretzel Day: Mmmm.. those warm, salted, twists of bread, baked to a golden brown. I love soft pretzels, dipped in cheese sauce. So delicious.. My mother, and my kids, love the little crispy pretzels sold in the chips aisle at the local grocery story. Whichever is your favorite, today is the day to o out of your way to enjoy them. It’s almost an obligation.

Hug a Friend Day: We all have a tendency to take our friends for granted, from time to time. It’s kind of part of the deal. But, it’s important to take a moment every now and then to show them they are appreciated. So, give a friend (even if it’s a four leggeed, furry friend) a big hug today.

National Take our Daughteers and Sons to Work Day What betteer way to show our children the opportunities available to them once they join the work force, than to bring them to work with you? Show them around the office, let them play with your highlighters and copy paper.  Honestly, my kids are so much smarter than me, I’d rather they went to work with someone else- like a rocket scientist. 


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