What can we celebrate today?

Happy Pig in a Blanket Day

Posted on: April 24, 2012

Today is the first day I’ve come across that has only ONE thing to celebrate. Even Christmas has to share the day (with Pumpkin Pie- a great combination). So it stands to reason that whatever we’re celebrating today, it must be a big deal, right?

Well, get ready Celebrateers (do you like that? I just made it up, just now)! Because today is:

National Pig in a Blanket Day!!!


And by Pig in a Blanket, they don’t mean this (as adorable as he is):

Awwwww... he's the cutest widdle piggy-wiggy, um, ahem. Yes, well...

No, what they are referring to is the delightful little appetizer that consists of a mini-wiener or cocktail sausage wrapped in a light fluffy pastry. Popular at parties in all social strata, and with people of all ages, this is a food that absolutely deserves a day to itself.

Mmmm... lookin' gooooood.


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