What can we celebrate today?

Other Reasons to Celebrate on April 22, 2012

Posted on: April 22, 2012

In addition to being Jelly Bean Day, it is also:

Earth Day: You probably already knew this- it’s all over the news. A day to recognize our obligation to the Earth, to take a step to protect and repay it for all that it does for us.  Pick up your trash, plant something, learn to compost.  Do SOMETHING to make the planet a better place for all living things. My family celebrates Earth Day by reading Dr Suess’s The Lorax, planting seeds, and a walk around the neighborhood to collect trash that has been uncovered by the melting snow. Although this year, the snow melted very early, so there will be less to collect today.

Girl Scout Leader Day: The Hallmark site says it best- anyone who volunteers to be trapped in the woods with a bunch of loud, rambunctious tweens deserves a merit badge of their own- in Patience. In all seriousness, the Girl Scouts organization does a lot of amazing things with young girls, encouraging and enabling them to become full, well rounded members of society. Today is a great day to appreciate the good that the Girl Scout Leaders do for our society.


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