What can we celebrate today?

Day of Silence

Posted on: April 20, 2012

Normally, I focus on the humorous, wacky, zany, even silly “holidays”.   I think that it is important to include laughter in day-to-day life, for so many reasons. However, some days are too serious to make light of. Some issues are too serious to make light of.

Today is the Day of Silence. Today, in schools across America, brave youth will silently protest the hurtful words flung at Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Trans-gendered, and Queer students, and the silence of the voices of authority when called on to stop the bullying. They won’t be marching, they won’t be chanting. They will be standing strong, and silent.

Some may be wearing t-shirts, or passing out cards that carry the message that they won’t be speaking out loud. The message, that quite simply, the bullying has to stop, and that someone -we- have to speak up to end it. Too many children and teens have suffered. Too many have lost their lives, taken their own lives in despair, believing that the harmful words and actions of others are true, a belief re-inforced by the silence of those who should stand up for them, those who should intervene.

I am amazed, so frequently, when I hear of the young people today who stand up for what is right, who hold together to support each other, who take the high road. It’s a beautiful thing, and it deserves to be honored.

So today, even if you can’t spend the day in Silence yourself, spend at least a few moments in silent thought, thinking about these brave young people who are taking a stand. Think about the people that they are taking a stand on behalf of.  And, think of what you can do to support their message- that bullying is wrong. That discrimination is wrong. That HATE IS WRONG.


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