What can we celebrate today?

Other Reasons to Celebrate Today:

Posted on: April 19, 2012

In addition to being National Garlic Day, it is also:

National Amaretto Day: I’ll drink to this! Any holiday celebrating liqueur is well worth taking advantage of. Just throw a splash of the delicious almond flavored alcoholic beverage into your coffee. If you boss asks, just tell him that it’s a holiday and he should lighten up.

National High Five Day: Slip me some skin- up high!  Some people exchange High Fives in celebration, or in greeting.  High Fiving is particularly common in a sports setting. Find a reason to do it today.

Humorous Day: A day to see the lighter side of things, to chuckle out loud, to find the funny in life. Tell a funny story, share a joke with a friend, read a comic book, or laugh at someone.


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